About Us

About Bar Fruit Delivery

Bar Fruit Delivery specialises in providing high quality fruit and service to bars, clubs and pubs all around London and its surrounding areas. As a part of the Bobtail Group, we have have industry leading service as well as over 75 years experience in fruit trade. We can source all kinds of fruits including lemons, limes and most other fruits you can name for your mixology needs.

Our Commitments

At Bar Fruit Delivery, we concern ourselves with two primary commitments:

1 - Deliver excellence in product.

We achieve this with our team of veteran fruit pickers, who have been in the trade for over 75 years. The knowledge we have acquired has been fine-tuned so that we can identify only the best of the best.

2 - Deliver excellence in service.

Hassle-free delivery is something that should be a standard - not just luxury. We ensure this is done by having a thoroughly trained team of packers and drivers, so that your order is handled with the most care from supplier to customer. We take great care of the entire process, and are constantly striving to deliver better than the best.


Experience You Can Trust

With 75 years of knowledge, and several years in delivering to our capital - we know London like the back of our hands. These, alongside our highlight competitive pricing, have our dedicated customers constantly coming back for more - a testament of just how impactful our service can be to you. 

Our Parent Company - Bobtail Fruit Group

Bar Fruit Delivery operates under the esteemed umbrella of Bobtail Fruit Group, a company renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Leveraging the resources and expertise of our parent company, we uphold the same values and standards in all our operations.

Thank you for choosing Bar Fruit Delivery. We look forward to being your trusted partner in supplying the freshest fruit for your establishment.

Prices - tailored to you.

We understand that business are unique and different. It's what sets us aside from the rest.

We aim to solve as many situations as possible, no matter how niche. Get in touch with us by filling out the below, and we'll investigate just what we can do to give you the service that you deserve.